General and Physical Chemistry (I)

Unit 1: Language of Chemistry (Review Lecturers) - 3 teaching hours
i. hit and trail method ii. Partial equation method
Unit 2: Chemical Arithmetic - 17 teaching hours
2.1 Dalton's atomic theory and Laws of Stoichiometry:
2.2. Atomic Mass and Molecular Mass:
3 Chemical calculation based on following chemical equation
(Solving reacted numerical problems)

2.4. Avogadro's Hypothesis and Its Applications:
(Solving related numerical problems)

2.5. Equivalent Mass:
2 Equivalent weight of elements, and compounds (Salt, acid , base, oxidising agents,
reducing agents)
5 Determination of equivalent weight of metal by
(Solving related numerical problems)

Unit 3: State of Matter - 14 teaching hours
(Solving related numerical problems)

1 Physical properties of liquid
(Solving related numerical problems)

Unit 4: Atomic Structure - 10 teaching hours
1 Discovery of fundamental particles of atom (electron, proton and neutron)
i. Dual nature of electron (de-Broglie equation)
7 Shape of atomic orbital (s and p orbitals only)
Unit 5: Nuclear Chemistry - 3 Teaching hours
2 Radioactive rays (alpha ray, beta ray & gamma ray)
4 Nuclear reactions, Nuclear energy (fission and fusion)
Unit 6: Electronic Theory of Valency and Bonding - 8 teaching hours
Unit 7: Periodic Classification of Elements - 6 teaching hours

Unit 8: Oxidation and Reduction - 6 teaching hours
7 Balancing redox reactions by
Unit 9: Equilibria - 5 teaching hours