Deduction of atomicity of elementary gas


Atomicity is the number of atoms of an element present in one molecule of that element. They can be monoatomic (He), diatomic (H2), triatomic (O3) and polyatomic (S8). Homoatomic molecules have different atomicity.

Atomicity of Hydrogen and Chlorine

Let up take the example of the same reaction between hydrogen and chlorine. We saw earlier that;

atomicity of hydrogen and chlorine


But 1 molecule of hydrogen chloride contains 1 atom of hydrogen and 1 atom of chlorine.

molecule of hydrogen = 1 atom of hydrogen

molecule of chlorine = 1 atom of chlorine

1 molecule of hydrogen = 2 atoms

1 molecule of chlorine = 2 atoms

Hence hydrogen and chlorine are both diatomic.

Atomicity of oxygen and nitrogen

One molecule of nitric oxide contains one oxygen atom and one nitrogen atom.


molecule of nitrogen = 1 atom

molecule of oxygen = 1 atom

or, 1 molecule of nitrogen =2 atoms

1 molecule of oxygen = 2 atoms

Thus, both nitrogen and oxygen are diatomic.

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