Deduction of relationship between molecular mass and vapour density

Relative Molecular Mass

Relative molecular mass is the ratio of the mass of one molecule of a substance to the mass th of a carbon atom, or 1 amu.

Vapour Density

Vapour density is the ratio of the mass of a volume of a gas, to the mass of an equal volume of hydrogen, measured under the same conditions of temperature and pressure.

According to Avogadro's law, equal volumes of all gases contain equal number of molecules.

Thus, let the number of molecules in one volume = n,

Cancelling 'n' which is common, we get

However, since hydrogen is diatomic.

When we compare the formulae of vapour density with relative molecular molecular mass, they can be represented as

We can therefore substitute the above equation, and arrive at the below formula

Now on cross multiplication, we have

2 x vapour density = Relative Molecular Mass of a gas

relationship between molecular mass vapour density


Relative Molecular Mass = 2 x Vapour density


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2.32g of a hydrocarbon on ignition gave 7.3g of carbon(iv)oxide and 2.98g of water. If the vapour density of the hydrocarbon is 28. Calculate
I. The empirical formular
2. Molecular formular
3. Structural formular
4 draw the structures of the possible isomers and give the IUPAC name

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If an equimolar mixture of NO and O2 are placed, then what is the vapour pressure of the mixture

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Nice and it is too easy method of deduction of the relation of vappour density and molecular....

Bijay Kanojiya said...

Nice and it is too easy method of deduction of the relation of vappour density and molecular....

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Butene is C4H8

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Butene c4h8 molecular formula

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Something strange is happening here:
Vapour density is measured in kg/m3
Relative molecular mass is dimensionless.

So wouldn't it be strange that Relative molecular mass = 2* Vapour density ??