Addition reactions of benzene

Benzene gives some addition reactions. Some typical reactions are:

Addition of hydrogen

Benzene on reduction with hydrogen under pressure in the presence of finely divided nickel at 200°C, gives an addition product hexahydrobenzene (cyclohexane).

formation of cyclohexane from benzene


Addition of chlorine

Chlorine adds on to benzene at its boiling point, in the presence of bright sunlight, to give hexachloride.

formation of benzene hexachloride from benzene

benzene hexachloride

Addition of ozone

Benzene reacts slowly with ozone to form triozonide. Triozonide on hydrolysis with water gives glyoxal.

ozonolysis of benzene


Benzene when passed through a red hot iron tube gives diphenyl.

dipphenyl from benzene



Adedayo Akinpelu said...

You have a mistake in the Addition of chlorine, you were adding 3H2 intead

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Unknown said...

Its true, I think you should correct it