Uses of aniline

Aniline when freshly prepared is a colorless oily liquid (b.p. 184°C). It has a characteristic unpleasant odor and is not poisonous in nature. It is heavier than water and is only slightly soluble. It is soluble in alcohol, ether and benzene. Its color changes to dark brown on standing.

It shows all the characteristic reactions discussed earlier.

Uses of Aniline:

(1) It is used in the preparation of diazonium compounds which are used in dye industry.

(2) Anils (Schiff's bases from aniline) are used as antioxidants in rubber industry.

(3) It is used for the manufacture of its some derivatives such as acetamide, sulphanilic acid and sulpha drugs, etc.

(4) It is used as an accelerator in vulcanizing rubber.

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