Applications of hydrogen

Where can hydrogen be used for and how does this process works, you will read more about the applications below.

Where is hydrogen used for nowadays?
Nowadays, hydrogen-gas is a fuel which is not used very often because the technique neccesary to generate energy out of hydrogen is very expensive.They already use hydrogen at space-travel, here the money is available. At this moment they are running tests with hydrogen-gas in vehicles. For the future, it is important to reduce te costs of this technique, maybe then it is possible to use hydrogen-gas more and more.

Where can hydrogen and the fuel-cell be used for in the future?
There are lots of applications for hydrogen as energy-source, if people really want to use it. The most important application for hydrogen is the car. Cars are very important for this new technique, because a lot of the carbondioxide (CO
2) pollution is coming from the emmision of cars. If cars in the future are driving on hydrogen-gas instead of petrol, the emmision will be vapor instead of pollution with CO2. Some car companies are developing the so called 'hybrid'-vehicles. Hybrid-vehicles are cars which are driving on 'water'. The expectation is that these cars are on the road by 2004.

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